Flower Care

  • COUNT the bunches and compare with the packing slip. Let us know right away if something is missing or poor quality. See our refund policy here
  • Watch our flower prep video and follow the steps to get those flowers drinking. Allow flowers at least 4 hours to hydrate. Keep an eye that your vase doesn't run dry.
  • Some flowers will have lots of foliage on the stem, remove any that falls below the waterline of your containers. 
  • Arrange your flowers 2 days before your event and place them in a clean vase of water. Anything without a water source, or a foam arrangement should be made the day before your wedding.
  • Your flowers are going to look dehydrated when they arrive, they've just made a long trip with nothing to drink! This is normal, don't panic! Follow out flower prep video tutorial to get those babies back to life right away!
  • IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER. We expect 5-10% of the flowers don't make it through the shipping process. It's totally normal and to be expected when dealing with fresh/live product. We have accounted for this in the pricing of our products.
  • Standard Roses are packed in a sneaky pack of 25, and you can't tell until you take the cardboard off. We ship our roses in bud form. Once you've completed the flower prep tutorial they will start to really open up and look their absolute best. Ensure they are not crowded in the bucket/vase. It takes 1-2 days for them to open up.
  • The outer petals of a rose are calle GUARD PETALS, typically they are a different colour, or look different than the rest of the rose. Most florists remove these guard petals. I personally like the colour variants. You're the artist, and you get to decide whether or not you remove them. 
  • For roses, leave the cardboard packaging on for 4 hours while they are hydrating, THEN remove the cardboard. It protects the rose heads from drooping or breaking off.