How "big" are the arrangements?

See the photo below to gauge how large these arrangements can be. These are the approx. number of floral and greenery stems you'd see in our packages. 

Also, in the bouquet photo - we've used no greenery, if you use your allocated greenery it would double the size. We are very generous with our flower counts so every bride can have the bouquet she wants. If you have extra flowers- bonus!


Do you have a smaller package than "small"?

The small DIY wedding flower package is our smallest size. Most people find they quickly use up any extra flowers in other parts of their special day. See some ideas below.

What do I do with leftover flowers?

There’s tons of things you can do with your leftover blooms. Say you order a package with a few too many flowers, here’s some ideas where the surplus can be used:

  • cake flowers

  • aisle markers

  • bud vases on signing table, guest seating chart, etc

  • memory table

  • add extra flowers into bouquets or arrangements to give it an extra WOW factor

  • flat lay flowers

  • dry them or create a keepsake

  • think of something not on this list? Tag us in your creative ideas!

What if my flowers arrive damaged?

  • Your flowers have arrived after surviving a long journey with nothing to drink. They're tired and thirsty. Follow our flower prep instructions to bring them back to life. This is NORMAL, and we expect them to perk up within 24 hours. IF you are noticing something more severe then slightly wilted, read on.  
  • Florists expect loses of product (damaged flowers) due to shipping. These fragile little babies have gone a long way to get to you. You can expect a loss of 5-10%. We have accounted for this in your flower counts.  
      • Colour variations are also something to expect. Pinterest does a beautiful job showing EDITED PHOTOS, so when your flowers arrive a different shade of what you've found on Pinterest, don't be alarmed! Flowers also differ in colour based on time of year, soil conditions, weather, etc etc etc. All are beautiful, and it means you will have your own unique styled photos on your own wall. Original artwork!
        • Flower substitutions are a reality and the bummer of the floral industry, sometimes the flower crop doesn't do what we need it to and reasonable substitutions need to be made. This is up to our company discretion, and we promise we'll send you something with a similar feel. You might even think you ordered it in the first place!
        • You must contact us with photos within 2 hours of your delivery if there are any issues with the order so we can issue any refunds, or replace any missing or damaged bunches. We will do our absolute best to make sure you're happy. As long as you've followed all the instructions everything should turn out AMAZING!

          What if there’s not enough flowers in my selected package?

          If you find that you need extra flowers for bouquets, decor, etc. You can go to the recipes and find out how much extra you need to order in the “extras” section. Extras are only for add on purposes to a package, you cannot have a stand alone order of extras unless it meets the minimum spend amount.

          Flower substitutions, what does this mean?

          Mother nature does not always cooperate. Sometimes certain flowers are not available for circumstances not in our control. If this happens we will order a comparable product that will fill that space so your arrangements have a similar look and feel.

          Do I need to refrigerate my flowers?

          NO! Flowers need to be at room temperature to drink and open up to look their best for your big day. HOWEVER, once they do not have a water source (boutonnieres, corsages) it is best that their put in a sealed container and in the refrigerator (4 degrees Celsius) to slow down the wilting process.

          When do I make my arrangements?

          • Day 1 - prepare and hydrate flowers (1-2 hours) - Many hands make light work as my Grandma always used to say!

          • Day 2 - make arrangements (2-5 hours) - Timing totally depends on how many people you have, and how organized you can be!

          • Day 3 - make corsages and boutonnieres (1 hour) - These items do not have a water source, so it’s best to make them as close to the event as possible so they don’t wilt.

          DIY Wedding Flower Timeline

          Can I cancel my order?

          No, sadly we cannot offer refunds and all sales are final. HOWEVER with more than 30 days notice you CAN change your date one time at no cost. Each additional date change is $75 plus tax, and still must be 30+ days before the event. All date change requests must be sent to lilyonthethames@gmail.com and do not assume you have successfully changed the date without a confirmation email from Lily on the Thames.