5 Things to Remember When "DIY-ing" your Wedding Flowers


1.     Plan your flower journey ahead of time

The best offense is a good defense, is that the line? Knowing who, what, when and where and how you’re going to create your gorgeous arrangements should be planned the month BEFORE your big day. The WHY is already set, it’s HALF the cost of traditional flowers, and DOUBLE the fun!

2.     Ask for help, or delegate

Please don’t do this all on your own. It’s way more fun to create your own wedding flowers with people you love around you. Everyone WANTS to be a part of your day, and this is one thing that’s easy to delegate if you feel your timeline is too crunched.

3.    Open your flower shipment immediately

Believe it or not, freshly cut flowers don’t do well sitting in the hot sun on your porch in the middle of July…

Please have someone present to receive your flowers once they arrive. Open the boxes, check your shipment that everything is there. If there is a discrepancy in quantity or quality, the sooner we know, the easier we can make it right!

4.     Give fresh cuts to all your flowers

CLEAN WATER AND FRESH CUTS, let’s say it again, CLEAN WATER AND FRESH CUTS are what is going to give your flowers the best bloom possible. Have plenty of buckets,  your bunch cutters/snips cleaned with dish soap and rinsed with hot water BEFORE your flowers arrive so that you can easily get to the flower care. Don’t worry, ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS are in our unboxing/flower prep video that you can watch a month prior (and again on the week of). All you gotta do is follow the simple steps. More info on flower prep can be found here

5.     Don’t stress!

I love to tell people, you walk into a forest and you think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. It’s filled with beautiful flowers, trees, dirt, fallen leaves, all sorts of natural, beautiful things. The same is true of your bouquets and flower arrangements. It will be BEAUTIFUL because it’s made of beautiful things…so don’t stress! Prep your flowers properly using our Video Tutorial and you’ll have beautiful arrangements!


Happy Wedding Planning!


xx Alida