Navigating Lockdowns when Planning a Wedding

Today I am thinking of all the different things I want to tell you about the wedding industry right now. Knowing that whatever I say today is going to be totally different tomorrow, I’m going to stick to what I offer to help people enjoy their planning process!

Navigating this lockdown, restriction, rules, regulation world we live in now is incredibly frustrating and definitely difficult for people.  This is especially true when trying to plan a wedding. Today I want to explain something that Lily on the Thames is doing to hopefully make it easier for brides planning their wedding; specifically with our flower flex package.

Picture this: You’re engaged, and excited to plan the wedding of your dreams!

The problem lies in a few different things

  1. You aren't sure when you can book your wedding. You want to book enough in advance that you can have enough time to book vendors and invite guests and can enjoy the process.
  2. You are nervous to put money down and potentially lose it if restrictions change again and are forced to switch your date. Deposits are a scary thing on a good day but during this pandemic it's tough to feel confident handing away your hard earned money when you're not even sure that that wedding date is possible because of lockdowns.


I wanted to help people have a fun time planning their wedding and to do that it means they are not financially stressed out or stressed out about booking my services. I want it to be an exciting, fun, looking forward to experience and to do that I need to be flexible. The flower flex DIY package allows people to purchase their wedding flowers without giving their wedding date. They can give me their dates with 30 days notice .As long as I have that notice, I can make sure that they get the flower package that they ordered. This is another beautiful thing about DIY packages is because I can take on multiple weddings a weekend, I know that I can be available to send them flowers whenever their big day gets here. Most vendors can’t offer this, as they're already juggling so much. Their availability depends on staffing availability. Lily on the Thames availability does not. All the recipes, tutorials, and flower care info is already available all you need is a couple friends and a glass of wine and I'll send you the rest.

A couple things to know about Lily on the Thames and my DIY wedding flower packages:

I send you florist grade flowers, arrangement recipes, and easy to follow video tutorials so you can create your own wedding flowers. No experience required.

So if you're looking for bulk flowers but not quite sure what to do with them, I teach you how to make a DIY wedding bouquet, centerpiece, boutonnieres, arbor décor, ceremony urns, etc. You get those wholesale flowers price but have the florist expertise to know how to care for your flowers, and how to arrange them once they arrive. Wedding bouquets do not have to be difficult. It is a fun thing to do with friends and family, or to delegate to the crafty aunty. From a peony bouquet in the summer to roses and hydrangea and everything in between: I got you covered.

My advice for everything else, is book early to avoid disappointment. There's going to be more than double the amount of weddings this year (or here's hoping...), and many of us small business owners didn't survive the previous lockdowns. SO more weddings AND less vendors is something to consider. That being said, don't be pressured into buying something by anyone. Feel confident that the vendor you are choosing cares about you, and your needs. Keep an eye for a solid contract from people, that outlines what would happen in the event of a date change, etc. Every event industry business owner is nervous right now, and trying to protect them and their family. They're doing their absolute best. Be patient with response times, be kind to the vendors, and find the best one for YOU!

If you have any questions about the Flower Flex DIY package you can click here, and to see all of our packages for DIY wedding flowers you can click here.

Thanks for popping by, as always I'm here to answer any questions you have. HAPPY wedding planning!