Do you NEED flower food for DIY Wedding Flowers?

Do you need flower food?
Do you need flower food?


Do you NEED flower food for DIY Wedding Flowers?


My short answer? No... but here’s why:


When preparing your wedding flowers, the objective is to showcase their beauty on your special day, prioritizing their freshness over longevity for retail purposes. Through my experience, a daily routine of trimming the stems and changing the water for new clean water can contribute SIGNIFICANTLY to maintaining their vibrancy and freshness for the event without the use of flower food. I don't see flower food as a must-have for wedding flowers – they should shine for around 5 days in a vase without it!

While not a must, if you decide to jazz up your flowers with some flower food, here's some handy info for you.

Ingredients in flower food packets may vary across brands, but generally, they include sugar, citric acid, and bleach. Citric acid plays a role in balancing the water's pH level, facilitating faster water absorption by flowers and minimizing wilting. Additionally, flowers naturally produce sugar during their growth, and they benefit from additional sugar after being harvested to sustain their growth. Lastly, bleach acts as a biocide, eliminating bacteria and fungi formed by the flowers and sugar in the water. This prevents the water from becoming murky, ensuring that the flowers can continue to absorb water effectively.

When preparing the flower food solution, it's best to use the recommended amount of water and mix in the packet contents thoroughly. Avoid adding additional substances to the mixture, as this could disrupt the balance of nutrients and potentially harm the flowers. Remember that using too much flower food can actually have a negative impact, so stick to the prescribed measurements.

By taking care to use the flower food correctly, you can enjoy your blooms for an extended period (maybe even past the wedding day for the flowers that stay in water), brightening up your space and spreading joy with their beauty. Keep an eye on the water level in the vase, replacing it with fresh cuts/water every day to ensure your flowers continue to thrive. Your efforts in providing the best care for your flowers will absolutely elongate their vase life.

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